art & music for healing initiative

Within this Initiative, professional artists and musicians carefully select pieces of art and music that become a rich, colorful palette of potential new experiences designed for self-searching, self-discovering, self-restoring and self-healing purposes.


The initiative focuses on mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of person’s health & existence which strongly affect their and their families’ and communities’ quality of life and wellness.


The Initiative’s objective is to assist in retrieving person’s artistic sensitivity and ability to experience new artistic impressions and to create deep emotional states, in particular thanks to absorbing art and music. Such experiences will help to shape and manage the internal processes and establish criteria for creating new streams of consciousness.


In other words, our goal is to create multidimensional healing, revealing, inner adventure, inner transformation-oriented environments and modalities for individuals who are seeking or already undertaking their own psychological journeys towards a better, more happy and healthy life.


We are as well open to present Art and Music for Healing ideas and methodologies to psychotherapists, doctors, teachers, school counsellors, life coaches and parents interested in adopting these new approaches and methods.


We are doing so by organizing concerts and exhibitions, artistic events, festivals, theatrical performances and seminars, as well as creating multimedia resources (books, ebooks, videos, short movies etc.)